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You are looking for an appealing luxury rental car or you want to fulfill your or someone else’s dream on four wheels? Then AV Dream Cars is the right choice for you! We are a very experienced rental car organization specialized on renting out upper-class luxury cars. Our fleet of vehicles contains among others models of the brand Lamborghini, Bentley, Jaguar, and BMW. Each of the cars is well cared for and convince with a low mileage as well as a very appealing interior. On top of that we can guarantee our customers that they can always book the newest models of automobiles.

Nothing is impossible with us

Special contracts with different automobile manufacturers enable us to do it. At AV Dream Cars we convince not only with our well-equipped fleet of vehicles, but also with our outstanding all-around service which enables us to take care of our customers in all areas. A special service we offer for example is that the customer can arrange a place where he wants to pick up his rented luxury car, and we will bring it there for him! Customers like to use this service for example when they need their luxury rental car at an airport. With this service our customers do not have to waste time and energy standing in line at counters of rental car stations. At these counters it can also happen that there is no adequate vehicle available and one has to make do with less comfort. At AV Dream Cars you will always get the luxury rental car you reserved and because of that you also do not have to do without the conveniences and the satisfying driving comfort on business trips. Plus, we do not have long waiting periods so you can get back on the road right away. That is a huge plus when you have important appointments!

Delivery service is of utmost importance to us

Of course we can also pick up the luxury rental car at the airport once the rental period is over. Our delivery service can also be booked for your vacation when you travel within Europe. We deliver the car to where you need it so that you can go on with it right away. If you wish we can also pick the car up again at the end of your holiday. There are no additional expenditures for you and at the same time you are guaranteed to profit from the riding comfort and the luxurious equipment you are used to. Our customer service also makes it possible to deliver the car up to your house and pick it up there later. That way you do not need to come by our agency, but you can just wait at home for your car to be delivered. This special service of AV Dream Cars can be requested all over Europe. This is possible because we have many subsidiaries, for example Luxury Car Hire Munich, SUV Rent Munich, and the Luxury Car Rental Zurich. You could also reserve this service at the Luxury Car Hire Nice!

Contact us – response guaranteed

You are interested in the special delivery service for a luxury rental car? Then you can get detailed price information at our head office in Germany or France. You can find the respective phone numbers on our website. Our friendly and experienced service team can give you advice to this topic, but of course it is also available for you for all other questions and problems. Find out for yourself without commitment about the offers of AV Dream Cars and let yourself be convinced by our unique delivery service of luxury rental cars!

Delivery in the city of Munich

For an additional cost of €49 AV Dream Cars can deliver all rental cars to the address of your choice within the city of Munich.

Delivery to Munich airport

The times in which you have to go and look for rental car stations and where you have to wait in line for hours are over! Our drivers will deliver the car even up to the terminal! You will get a personal welcome and he or she will accompany you to your dream car. You can book this service for only €55.


Service without limits is what you will get at AV Dream Cars. Next to our rental stations in Zurich and Nice you can rent our luxury cars and sports cars all over Europe. Please feel free to contact us for detailed price information since this service cannot be offered with a flat price.

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